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Betrayed by your best friend, you choose your worst friend to go on the bend.

Hours and hours of drinking and fake reminiscing.

You call it a night to save your sanity and feel alright.

Then the moment kicks in when you feel as though you’ve sinned

You stay solitude for a couple of days, thinking of different ways to approach this awkward situation.

As days begin fading, you then begin dating to pass the time so you can feel alive.

Never forgetting your best friend from back in the day that shot your emotions rocket high.

No one reaches these levels.

It’s always more like a balloon being forced to fly as high as the sky on a warm winter’s night.

We all pretend.

Realising this, I carry on with this false interpretation of life.

This is when I truly begin to fly as high as a kite, reaching the same level as that rocket flying high above the night sky.


Gender Equality- Abuse

He, he has been abused.

No scars or marks grace his body but mentally he is struggling.

He doesn’t know what to do because he is a man, the provider but internally his body is crumbling.

He doesn’t know who to turn to or what to do.

He thinks about what his father would do in this same situation and it breaks him;

As he knows in his past it was vice versa as his father is the one who broke his mother’s heart but now he is the one struggling.

Thoughts run through his mind like where to turn or does he just run?

He contemplates every decision he may make

Each one doesn’t seem to add up, this time 2+2 seems to make 5, whatever he does, he may not make it out alive.

He knows he needs to be brave and just do what’s best but fear just gets in the way.

Can he be selfish and think of himself when he has kids?

This woman has given birth to two beautiful specimens that he does not want to leave

No one will believe that it’s her; She’ll make excuses about all his mental bruises and just like that he loses.

Loses his most prized possessions. They admire him and unfortunately they admire her even more.

“Mother could do no wrong!”

Not knowing that past 6 o’clock whilst they’re tucked up in bed Mummy gets into his head with her nastiness, now he’s mentally dead.

This is why he doesn’t know where to turn as said before, he is a man, the provider.

I wish he realised that there are people out there to help him, that won’t judge him.

They’ll tell him that he is NOT the only one going through this and regardless of gender it is unacceptable.

They’ll tell him that he will see his children because they truly love him and they have probably realised the damage that’s been caused.

Children are smart and however much you try and hide what’s going on, they will know.

But still, he remains. No scars or marks grace his body but mentally he is struggling.