Projects + Workshops


The Theatre is important as it brings taboo issues to a forum where you can begin to discuss them.


I have a passion for using the creative arts to educate the community on issues that may affect them.

I feel as though the arts can help promote good relations between members of the community.

I offer creative workshops, mainly focusing on music and theatre, around different issues including body confidence, healthy relationships, discrimination and mental health.

I have experience of working with Young offenders, Special educational needs, Autism, Refugees, Children in care and mental health.

The creative workshops are meant to be inclusive and a way for people to express themselves. I have helped people with :

  • creative and lyric writing
  • singing
  • rhythm patterns and body percussion
  • performance skills

I am able to do short day workshops, events or projects for a prolonged period of time. My biggest passion is to help young people use creativity to tackle issues and use the arts to empower them.